Enjoy a personalized, stylish and unique experience

Gift assistance
Much more than buying the perfect gift, our goal is to surprise and satisfy customers on several occasions. We provide the necessary advice, always according to the need and purpose. After the purchase, we delivery at time and place requested by the client.
Restaurant consulting and reservation
We recommend the appropriate establishment for every occasion – whether for a business dinner, a meeting between friends or even a romantic date. We also offer the reservation service and, if necessary, the reception at the chosen place.
Entertainment tickets
In addition to pre-purchase of tickets for theatres, plays, shows and concerts, we also provide our clients a safe arrival to the events. Tickets will be delivered at the address and time requested by the client.
Unique experiences
Imagine having a special and exclusive experience organized only for you. Our team is prepared to meet your expectation: from a balloon ride or a trip on a private boat to sensory experiences such as a wine tasting hosted by a sommelier. Contact us in order to have unforgettable experiences.
Personalized itineraries
Exclusive itineraries with bilingual guides providing unique moments and experiences with brazilian culture. You can choose between different itineraries such as art, architecture, culture, sports or gastronomy. We customize the tour according to the interests of each customer.